Voyages Booth respects your privacy and understands the need to protect the personal information you share. We follow appropriate standards when it comes to protecting your privacy on our websites.

Some of our web pages use cookies so that we can better serve our valuable customers with customized information when you revisit the website. Cookies are basically identifiers which websites send to the browser to facilitate your next visit to our site. You can set your browser to notify you whether or not to accept it. No personally identifiable information is collected in this process. We do not get to know your name, contact number, address, or email ID.

With specific reference to booking/e-commerce transactions, Voyages Booth collects the following personal information from you while transacting through Voyages Booth including, Name and Sex, Phone Number, Address, Credit Card details, and Date of birth in case of a child.

Voyages Booth does not sell or trade upon any of the above foregoing information without the consent of our customer. Customer name, address, phone number, and age are shared with applicable service providers like the airlines, hotels, etc., for the purpose of reservation and booking the services. Information like Credit Card and Net Banking details are mostly collected by the payment gateways and banks and not by Voyages Booth, but if ever stored by us, it will remain internal and is never shared with anybody. These details are shared sometimes for the purpose of processing Cash Back and Discounts and Charge Backs, if applicable.

Voyages Booth takes appropriate steps to protect the information you share with us. We have implemented security features and strict policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of your personally information from unauthorized access and improper use. Please contact us on if you wish to obtain names and addresses of the specific entities that have access to your personal information in a given transaction.

Voyages Booth will continue to enhance its security procedures for better customer service.

If our privacy policy changes in the future, it will be posted here. You should access our privacy policy regularly to ensure you understand our current policies.

Thank you for choosing Voyages Booth!