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You smell the power politics as soon as you set foot in downtown Washington, D.C. Ambitious young political aides dash from important office to important office in the squat and heavy federal buildings. Crowds and heavy-handed security measures have marred Washington D.C.’s beauty a bit, but a pre-dawn walk past the Washington Monument to the White House and then down the National Mall is still a journey nothing short of magnificent.

The Washington Monument was the tallest structure in the world in 1884, but topped by Eiffel Tower five years later.

At the Lincoln Memorial, you can stand in Martin Luther King’s footsteps – literally, the exact footsteps are marked – where he delivered his stirring 'I Have a Dream' speech. Afterwards touch a bit of a moon rock and see a real Apollo space capsule at the Air and Space Museum. At night time, get out of the government bubble and enjoy the hip restaurant scene in Georgetown.

How’s the weather in Washington DC in January?

Rain days

Average rainfall
79 mm


Local time

What does Washington DC cost?


Restaurant meals in Washington DC cost 23% more than in Sydney


A typical train ticket is 3.9 AUD

Top 10 Hotels in Washington DC, United States

Places To Visit in Washington DC

White House

Lincoln Memorial

Renwick Gallery

Blair House

Decatur House

National Gallery of Art

National Portrait Gallery (United States)

South Downs National Park

National Museum of Natural History

Ford's Theatre

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