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// 30 October 2017
places to visit in kashmir

The Next Romantic Getaway: Plan a Trip to Kashmir

With snow-capped mountains, tuft of colorful tulips, sparkling lakes with sailing shikaras, Kashmir is a picture perfect and gives million of reasons to celebrate its existence. Located northernmost geographical region of Indian subcontinent, it often disheartens those who have humble heart. From isolated Gurez valley to splendid Srinagar, it has endless awe-inspiring vistas. Visitors can expect scenic, serene and sensual landscape that plays a significant role to make it one of the ideal destinations for holidays. Considered as India’s Switzerland, attracting hordes of visitors, it has been blessed with nature’s best and making it object of interest for many travel enthusiasts. Here’s rundown of places that must be on your Kashmir itinerary:

  1. Srinagar

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kashmir, Srinagar is a prized possession and is well known for dried fruits and traditional Kashmiri handicrafts. From bird watching to water skiing, trekking to boating, this place has it all. Famous for its waterfronts, gardens and houseboats, its greatest drawcard is Dal Lake with array of stationary houseboats. Famous Mughal gardens surround lake’s less urbanized eastern shore. The divinity of Shankarcharya temple, Prophet Mohammad from Jama Masjid and Hazratbal Shrine and tomb of Jesus Christ, all honors the capital city with title of Paradise on Earth.

  1. Kupwara

Known for its natural beauty and charm, Kupwara is a vital part of Jammu & Kashmir tourism. The alpine mountains, thriving meadows and clear water epitomize the beauty of Kashmir. It has lofty mountain peaks like Nastachun, Shamsbari and Dajalonjun which are must visits. The Ainch Mountain here offers the opportunity to get panoramic view of Kashmir from its top. Additionally, there are many historical villages that allow history lovers to explore Karnah, Gushi and Keran. The other highlights are Kheer Bhawani Asthapan, Shaloora shrine, Hazrat Mehmood Shah Shrine and many others.

  1. Gulmarg

Located just 2 hours of driving from Srinagar, Gulmarg is a treat to eyes with vibrant flowers and snow clad-mountains as backgrounds. Famously known as ‘Meadow of Flowers’, it opens door for world of adventure and peace amidst beautiful landscape with quixotic ambiance. Dubbed as skiers’ paradise, it is haven for adventure enthusiasts. Apart from skiing options, snowboarding, trekking, mount biking, golfing and fishing are other options that overwhelms visitors. If you don’t want to ski, take gondola which is more than 13,000 feet and is world’s highest cable car. Other places to visit are Frozen Lake, Nagin Valley, Khilanmarg and Bota Pathri.

  1. Sonamarg

Famous as Meadow of Gold, Sonamarg is famous for its Thajiwas Glacier. What’s famous about this glacier is how accessible it is. From highway, visitors can hike up to glacier and back in five hours. If you are running short in time, you can ride a pony or take shared taxi. There are myriad of trekking routes and endless stream of stunning flowers. The place is on every visitors list due to its breathtaking views and mesmerizing aura.

  1. Leh

Complementing northern periphery, Leh is second most expansive district in country after Kutch in Gujarat. With alpine lakes, lofty mountains and quaint settings, it is land of sheer adventure and beauty. Complimenting northern periphery, it intrigues people with artistic bent of mind and adventure enthusiasts. Clad in beauty and love nature, it offers breathtaking views and is every biker’s dreamland. Also known as “Small Tibet” due to cultural and religious influence of Tibet city, visitors can get perfect blend of spirituality and adventure here.

  1. Zanskar

Endowed with nature’s beauty, Zanskar is among the most remote and untouched places. Due to remoteness, the culture and traditions here remained untouched, and locals live semi-nomadic lifestyle. It can be accessed from frozen river while trekking. Panikhar, Karsha, Stongdey, Zangla and Zongkhul are main highlights of the region. From these places, Stongdey and Zongkhul are old monasteries, whereas Zangla is old castle. Another spectacular place to visit in this region is Pensi La, which is high diving Zanskar from Suru Valley. Visitors can also enjoy trekking and rafting activities here.

  1. Kargil

Brave heart Kargil is located at India-Pakistan border at altitude of 2800m above sea level. Connected to Zojila Pass, it has importance in history of India. Set up in Ladakh region, it is one of the most interesting places which brings heart touching memories and provides scintillating views. The area offers great opportunities to campers, trekkers, mountaineers and rafters. The Nun Mountain allows mountaineering opportunities and also there are options for trekking to Suru Valley and Pensi-La lake. It is one of the best places to visit in India.

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