Places to Visit in Doha

// 11 October 2017
places to visit in Doha

The Spectacular Area of Doha will Cast a Misty spell over you

Recently named as one of the New7Wonders Cities in the World, Doha is known for its spectacular modern buildings and cultural heritage. Once fishing village, Doha has emerged as one of the pearls of Middle East. This, largest city and capital of Qatar, is one of the rapidly-developing cities in Persian Gulf. The city is home to headquarters of major oil and gas companies in Qatar. Located on the coast of Persian Gulf, it is considered as world city by Globalization and World Cities research Network. The city has hosted 2012 UNFCC Climate Negotiations and set to host 2022 FIFA World Cup. There’s plenty of stuff to keep visitors on their toes during stay in Doha. Here’s list scoped out for you:

  1. Al Corniche

Al Corniche is waterfront promenade extending various kilometers along Doha Bay in capital city of Doha. It is one of the most popular locations among joggers, bikers and walkers, and also attracts diverse crowd for spectacular views of city’s skyline. In day time, you can admire incredible views of Doha’s bay, and in evening, you can enjoy amazing view of beautiful sunset. Once it was empty stretch of walkway, today the area has many famous landmarks.

  1. Gold Souq

Located in Downtown Doha, Gold Souq is gold market offering anything from affordable chains and bangles to bridal jewelry sets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This spectacular craftsmanship and pageant of glorious design is amazing to see. Most of the gold available here is of 22-carat, and platinum, white gold and silver pieces are also available. The main highlight of this souq is that jewelry is strictly regulated and precious gems sold are weighed in front of buyer, thus insuring purity of metal.

  1. Falcon Souq

Located next to Soug Waqif, Falcon Souq is a fascinating new souq which is all about falcons. Falconry is hobby for Qatari men, therefore it isn’t surprise to find this place dedicated to these impressive birds. The tradition of hunting with falcons began thousands of years ago with desert nomads and is still in practice. There is an outdoor area where visitors can see falcons being exercised by trainers. Additionally, you can take tour around falcon showroom, where falcons rest on perches.  The falcons come in different range of prices, and can cost thousands of dollars each.

  1. Museum of Islamic Art

Designed by world-renowned architect, I.M. Pei, Museum of Islamic Art showcases the Islamic art from three continents. Shaped like postmodern fortress with minimal windows, it has largest collection of Islamic art in the world. Seated in MIA Park, it stands out as an architectural gem. Its interior is no less spectacular as light, space and Islamic geometric patterns adorn the interior. The collections of museum are spread over three floors. 1st and 2nd floors have permanent collection ranging from exquisite textiles, enamel work, ceramics and glass.

  1. Omani Market

Omani Market provides fascinating insight of Qatari life to travelers who wish to feel the pulse of Qatar. It is small market but full of unexpected finds. Under its massive iron roof and along narrow pathways, visitors can find out perfume of all qualities, Saudi dates, hand-woven baskets, tobacco, Omani dried fish, Iranian honey, pots, camel sticks and much more. The market is open from 8 AM to 1 PM and from 4 PM to 9 PM.

  1. Souq Waqif

Reincarnated as social heart of Doha, Souq Waqif is renovated Arabic market quarter where visitors can wander around maze-like corridors. It is noted for selling spices, traditional garments, souvenirs and handicrafts, and also has dozens of Shisha lounges and restaurants. The area is famous among locals as well as expats alike as it offers various dining options in same location. It is considered as one of the best tourist attractions in Doha, and also hosts several events, art galleries and local concerts.

  1. Weaponry Museum

Weaponry Museum is small museum with an impressive collection of weapons and artifacts dating back from 16th century. The collection has Persian rifles from Ottoman era and magnificent ceremonial swords, made of gold and silver. Additionally, it has 18th century gold-encased dagger owned by Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Al Thani and sword belonging to King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. The museum is open to visitors by appointment or with tour guide only. It operates from Sunday to Thursday.


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