Mesmerizing tourist attractions in UK

// 6 September 2017
place to visit in the uk

Mesmerizing Tourist Attractions in UK

Consisting of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom has been one of Europe’s popular tourist destinations. The nation’s appeal has a lot to do with its diverse scenery and rich cultural heritage. It has everything from castles and well preserved country estates to world-class art galleries and museums. One of the best pleasures of spending vacations in UK is ease of exploring this country. It is just 90-minute train ride to access beautiful Salisbury and short bus ride or tour will take you to Stonehenge. Here’s list of places to visit in United Kingdom:

  1. Ancient Stonehenge

One of oldest World Heritage Sites on the planet, Stonehenge has been place of pilgrimage for more than 4,500 years. It consists of ring of standing stones, with each stone around 13 feet high, 6 feet 11 inches wide and 25 tons weight. These stones are set within earthworks in middle of most dense complex of Neolithic monuments in England. This sprawling site was believed to be erected as place of worship. Covering area of 20 square kilometers, it is regarded as British cultural icon and has been considered as UNESCO’s World heritage Site.

  1. Bath

One of UK’s smaller cities, Bath is known for its Roman-built baths. It is in the valley of River Avon and become World heritage Site in 1987. This city lures visitors due to its healing waters for more than 2,000 years. From three hot springs, water flows upwards in 3,048 meters at rate of 275,000 gallons per day before spilling out at 46.5°C. The water is known to have 43 different minerals. Apart from this, the city is famous for its lovely Georgian architecture, and best example of this is Royal Crescent.

  1. Cotswolds

Covering 1,287 square kilometers, Cotswolds is one of the most photographed corners of UK. It contains Cotswold Hills – a range of rolling hills. The rural landscape here contains historical towns, stone-built villages, gardens and homes. Located at an easy day trip, it includes best parts of counties of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Travelers flock here to enjoy rural English life and explore quaint village and pasturelands. Other fun activities do here are biking, horseback riding or learning about history of market towns.

  1. Edinburgh

One of Scotland’s most stunning cities, Edinburgh is one of the UK’s most visited destinations. It’s cultural and historical attractions have made it in United Kingdom’s second most famous tourist destination. Famous for its well-preserved historic buildings, it is home to majestic Edinburgh Castle. Sitting high above old city, this 13-century royal fortress includes famous Scottish National War Memorial, One O’Clock Salute, Royal Palace and Stone of Destiny. It is easy to explore most important historic sites in city from the castle. Other highlights include Princes Street, National Gallery of Scotland and Royal Botanical Garden.

  1. Loch Ness

Loch Ness is popular tourist attraction for travelers going to Scotland. It is deep, large and freshwater loch in Scottish Highlands and is second largest loch by surface area at 56 KM2. Visitors will be rewarded with UK’s most beautiful scenery. Highlights include Urquhart Castle – Scotland’s largest fortifications. Those who want to learn about area’s many legends, Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition tells history including details of searches for elusive creature. On the north side is Inverness, which has various excellent attractions, including Inverness Museum and Art Gallery and Inverness Castle.

  1. Windsor

Windsor is a historic market town in England. Known as site of Windsor Castle, the town is located short train ride west of London and offers plethora of activities to do. The most famous royal castle of UK -Windsor Castle, has served as summer residence for British Royal family and is world’s largest inhabited castle. Highlights here include Queen’s Gallery, dining hall, magnificently painted ceilings, Ladies of ancient Order of Garter and St. George’s Chapel. Other attractions include Legoland Windsor and Royal Ascot.

  1. London

It is impossible to plan a trip to UK without visiting London- nation’s sprawling capital with plenty of attractions. It has four World heritage Sites, Kew Gardens, Tower of London, Palace of Westminster and Greenwich. Some of the best places to visit in London are Buckingham Palace, London’s Royal home. You can enjoy Changing of Guard here and even take tour of Palace’s State Rooms. It is home to numerous galleries, museums, sporting events, libraries and other institutions. Highlights include Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Whitehall Road, Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. The city’s London Underground is world’s oldest underground railway network.


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