Places to Visit in Seattle

// 11 August 2017
place to visit in seattle

You haven’t Explored Seattle until you’ve Visited These Places

Resting between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, Seattle is sophisticated place which has undergone an amazing transformation and is awe-inspiring place to visit off-season. Known for its airplanes and technology, this city has arty side and embraces new trends. With luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and backdrop of lush Pacific Northwest, Seattle tourism is more desirable than ever. Once a dull port and industrial center, the city is today largest city in Washington. Rich in culture and easy going lifestyles, it is aptly named as “Coffee Capital” of US with espresso bar in every corner. Surrounded by water, the city’s favorite outdoor activities include hiking, kayaking and camping. Here’s list of places to visit in Seattle:

  1. Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is one of the most tourist-heavy attractions. It is two floors market where vendors offer variety of eatables for sale. Vegetables, fish, fruits and other items can be found here easily. The market is divided into two levels – underground and street-level. Opening and closing of the market varies from 6 AM to 6 PM. This market has everything from brewery, restaurants and specialty shops to movie ephemera. It is year-round farmers market and can be mind-boggling for first-time visitors. Additionally, the flower market is must-see here.

  1. Space Needle

Built for 1962 World’s Fair, Space Needle is 605-foot tall observation tower. It has dominated skyline of Seattle and provides spectacular view of city from top. Once the tallest structure of Mississippi River, it is 138 feet wide and weights 9,550 tons. At the top of the needle, there is revolving restaurant – SkyCity restaurant, which serves tasty meals. Visitors can reach to the top of Space Needle by elevators that travel with the speed of 10 miles per hour. Some of other tourist attractions near the area are glass artworks at Chihuly Garden and Glass, and musical adventures at Experience Music Project.

  1. Woodland Park Zoo

Spread in 92-acre in the midst of urban Seattle, Woodland Park Zoo is home to 35 endangered and 5 threatened species from around the globe. It has more than 1000 animals’ specimens from 290 animal species including, snow leopards, African and Asian elephants, jaguars, lemurs and grizzly bears. Additionally, it has 7,000 trees, 50,000+ shrubs and herbs, 1,000+ plant species and more. The zoo has various exhibits, including Zoomazium, Tropical Asia, Tropical Rain Forest, Northern Trail, African Savanna, Temperate Forest, Australasia and more, and is best place to be visited with kids.

  1. Pioneer Square Historic District

Built in 1852, Pioneer Square is Seattle’s historic heart. It has best surviving collections of Romanesque Revival style. Among various Victorian-era buildings, Smith Tower is major attraction which stands for its imposing height with 42 stories. There is observation deck on 35th floor which is ideal for sightseeing. In neighborhood, there is Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park which reminds the surge of prospectors who departed for the Yukon. This district was established both National historic district and local preservation district.

  1. Hiram M Chittenden Locks

Also known as Ballard Locks, Hiram M. Chittenden Locks are busy locks of Seattle center. It is complex of locks and carries more boat traffic than any other block in US. It has two locks- small and large lock, with different usage. Apart from watching boat traffic between Puget Sound, visitors can see fish ladder. These locks are listed on American Society of Civil Engineers Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks and National Register of Historic Places. The locks are available to visit daily from 7 AM to 9 PM.

  1. Waterfront and Piers

Central Waterfront is most urbanized which runs from Pioneer Square and ends at Broad Street site of Olympic Sculpture Park. There are number of parks and piers queued up here which gives scenic view. There are many architectural remnants of the areas past status as the heart of a port and a handful businesses. On Pier 59, there’s Seattle Aquarium, where visitors can observe various Pacific marine creatures in Underwater. The main marine creatures here are dwarf sharks, octopuses and sea otters.

  1. Discovery Park

Covering more than 550 acres, Discovery Park is a largest park in Seattle. It includes coastline, forest and meadows, offering perfect escape from hustle-bustle of city. It has forest, coastline and meadows, providing a habitat for wildlife. One of main attraction here is West Point Lighthouse, which can be reached by North Beach Trail and South Beach Trail which leads to spectacular view of Mount Rainier. This park is free to enter and open daily from 4 AM to 11:30 PM.


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