Places to Visit in Buffalo

// 9 August 2017
place to visit in buffalo

Buffalo – A City you will Fall in Love with

Located at the east end of Lake Erie, Buffalo is second largest city and one of the major ports on Great Lakes. Well known for its historical buildings, the city has many nicknames, including Queen City, City of Good Neighbors, Nickel City, The City of No Illusions, Queen City of the Lakes and City of Light. Its nickname Queen City was because it was most prosperous and largest city along Great Lakes. There are many restored Victorian buildings in old Allentown district which houses boutiques, art galleries and small restaurants. Mentioned below is list of places to visit in Buffalo:

  1. Niagara Falls

Located 20 miles north of Buffalo, Niagara Falls make a great day trip. One of the world’s awe-inspiring waterfalls and top attraction to add to bucket list, it straddles two countries and drops water over cliff face with speed of 20 to 68 mph. It is very wide and more than six million cubic feet of water falls over crest line every minute. It is famous for both for its beauty and as valuable source of hydroelectric power. From smallest to largest, there are three waterfalls are the American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil falls.

  1. Forest Lawn

Founded in 1849, Forest Lawn is cemetery spread in more than 250 acres. It is such a beautiful one that people visit for peaceful picnics, contemplative walks or even jogs. The lawn serves as park, cemetery, crematory, arboretum and outdoor museum.  Sculptures, monuments and mausoleums have attracted visitors for more than 150 years. The first sculpture erected here was of Seneca Indian chief Red Jacket. Other mausoleums in the cemetery include Burgess-Little Mausoleum, Butler Mausoleum, Good Mausoleum, Buswell-Hochstetter Mausoleum, Oberkircher Mausoleum, Kellner Mausoleum, Knox Mausoleum, Laub Mausoleum, Letchworth-Skinner Mausoleum, Mitchel H. Mark Mausoleum and more.

  1. Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Built in 1926, Shea’s performing Arts Center is fine example of great movie palaces of its time. The center is built in Classic style with Neo-Spanish Baroque interior. Its Mighty Wurlitzer was custom designed and built by Wurlitzer Company. It was one of only 5 in the world with tonal finishing and is best place to visit with kids. The marble-lined grand lobby and ornate chandeliers are some of its notable features. Additionally, the building is listed as National Historic Landmark and tours are open to public. Some of great performers that took to the stage here include Marx Brothers, Frank Sinatra and George Burns.

  1. Buffalo City Hall

Built after World War I, Buffalo City Hall is epitome of art deco design which features intricate geometric details and gorgeous stained glass ceiling. Rising 378-foot tall, the building has 1,520 windows and is one of the largest and tallest municipal buildings in US. Designed by chief architect John Wade, the building was listed on National register of Historic Places in 1999. Visitors can take elevators up to 25th floor and walk up three more floors for observation deck, which overlooks Buffalo River, Lake Erie and busy city.

  1. Coca-Cola Field

Coca-Cola Field is baseball stadium features arched openings, metal roof, classic and distinctive architecture. It seats 18,025 and is home to Triple-A Buffalo Bisons. HOK Sport designed the park as first retro classic ballparks. It is third largest stadium in minor league baseball. Additionally, the design allows future expansion to accommodate 40,000 by double-decking. Before the baseball field was built, the corner of Washington and Swan was site of Ellsworth Statler’s first hotel.

  1. Ralph Wilson Stadium

Opened in 1973, Ralph Wilson Stadium is home of Buffalo Bills of National Football League. The stadium is open-air and has capacity of 71,780. In 1984, the first renovation occurred and stadium’s capacity was increased to 80,290 and 16 executive suites. In 2012, there was lease negotiation between Bills, Erie County and state of New York which included $130 million in improvements to the field. Renovations included larger HD sponsor boards, larger entrance gates, high definition video boards, larger LED sponsor board and more.

  1. Kleinhans Music Hall

Built in late 1930s and opened in 1940, Kleinhans Music Hall is a 2,400 seat music venue. It was built as last wish of Edward L. and Mary Seaton Kleinhans. The building was recognized as one of the greatest concert halls built in US. It is renowned for its graceful architecture and acoustical excellence, and was declared as National Historic Landmark in 1989. Pack your backpack and spend some time in this hall which has hosted various notable events, including Margaret Truman performing in front of crowd, speech of Robert F. Kennedy, and more.


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