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// 13 July 2017
turkey place to visit

7 Hidden Travel Destinations in Turkey

Packed with ancient monuments left over from conquerors, Turkey is mesmerizing mix of exotic and familiar places. With showcase scenery which impresses visitors, this dazzling destination straddles Europe and Asia. Its famous food, vibrant culture and vast history attracts all who come here, while its hallucinatory landscapes- from soaring mountains and steppe to sun-soaked Mediterranean- are highlights in themselves. From Bazaar bustle of Istanbul to dazzling sandy beaches of Antalya, without any shadow of doubt, Turkey is one of the world’s famous vacation spots. Though this is a famous tourist place, and many stick to the same-old resorts and cities. Rather than sticking to same old spots, visit below given hidden places in Turkey:

  1. Butterfly Valley

Located in Fethiye district, Butterfly Valley gets its name from diverse butterfly species. This valley is totally unspoilt spot of calm. The valley is located at the foothill of Babadag, 1,975 meter high mountain nominated as world heritage. The valley is rich in flora and fauna with 147 flora species and 105 butterfly species, including Jersey tiger. Butterflies in wide range of colors can be observed in valley between June and September. Additionally, due to its natural beauty, this valley is an important ecotourism attraction in Turkey. The valley is accessible by shuttle boat service which operates hourly at daytime.

  1. Bursa

Home to country’s textile trade, Bursa is large city in Turkey and most industrialized metropolitan centers. The city is home to various thermal baths and various museums, including museum of archaeology. Its thermal baths are used for therapeutical purposes since Roman times. Additionally, it is home to most famous Turkish dishes such as Iskender kebap, peaches, candied marron glaces and Turkish Delight. This major center for tourism is most popular skiing resorts of Turkey is located at Mount Uludag.

  1. Datça peninsula

Tucked along Turquoise Coast, Datça Peninsula is windy, wild and devastatingly beautiful peninsula which has lot to offer. Also known as Reşadiye Peninsula, it is 80 km-long and narrow peninsula separating Gulf of Gokova. It has pristine beach of Ovabükü in the south, harbor village at its centre and ancient Greek ruins of Knidos in the west. The western part is mountainous as well, rising in places over 1,000 meters. The peninsula was also known as Dorian Peninsula because it was settled by Dorian colonists from Peloponnese.

  1. Kayseri

With world-class universities, savvy urban architecture and strong economy, Kayseri’s origins stem back to 3000 BC. The city is located at the foot of extinct volcano Mount Erciyes that towers 3,916 meters. This city is structurally composed of five metropolitan districts, two districts of Melikgazi and Kocasinan, and since 2004, İncesu, Hacılar and Talas. Additionally, the city is renowned for its culinary specialties such as pastirma, manti and sucuk. Moreover, read best travel tips from savviest travelers to visit this city.

  1. Amasya

Located along the banks of Yesil River, Amasya is a city which stands in the mountains above Black Sea cost. The province of Amasya is known for producing small, high-quality and well-flavored apples. The city is home to various historically and architecturally precious buildings, including 13th century Seljuk Burmali Mosque, Ferhat Water channel, 15th century Yildirim Beyazit Mosque and Complex, octagonal Kapi Aga Medrese, Gok Medrese and Torumtay Mausoleum. Hamams- Turkish baths are known locally across the country, but those in Amasya are unbeatable.

  1. Mardin

Nestled alongside Turkey’s south-eastern border, Mardin is an ancient city featuring glowing spectacular vistas, limestone houses and mosaic of people from Syrian, Kurdish and Christian settlements, all living in harmony together. The city has been considered as open-air museum due to its historical architecture. Most of the buildings here use beige colored limestone rock, mined for centuries in quarries around the area. Additionally, the whole city has been listed by UNESCO as World heritage Site.

  1. Pamukkale

Pamukkale, means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish, is a natural site of pure white travertine terraces in Denizli Province. The area is renowned for its hot springs and various white terraces of travertine. On the top of white castle, there is ancient Greco Roman City of Hierapolis, which can be seen from the hills in opposite side of valley in the town. The area has 17 hot water springs in which the temperature ranges from 35°C to 100°C. Additionally, it is recognized as World heritage Site together with Hierapolis. To capture best travel photographs here, visit this place at dusk when travertines glow as the sun sets below the horizon.



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