Places to Visit in Poland

// 10 July 2017
place to visit in poland

8 Beautiful Places to Visit in Poland

With idyllic lakes, beaches and mountains, Poland is land of considerable natural beauty and provides nice contrast to the cultural rigors. The country has survived centuries of conflict and has emerged as one of Europe’s greatest and proud country which is ready to assume new role in modern history. Known for its delicious cuisine, medieval architecture, Jewish heritage, this country, located on Baltic Sea, has risen above bleak history to emerge as popular tourist destination. Visitors to Poland are discovering its fine culture, historical sites and scenic landscapes. Whether exploring nation’s vibrant cities, forests and lakes, travelers are sure to bring away rich memories. Below given are must-visit tourist attractions in Poland that feels unspoiled by time:

  1. Gdansk

Located on Baltic coast, Gdansk is one of three cities in Pomerania area which is popularly known as Tri-City. This city has unique vibe that separates it from rest of the country. It has reconstructed Main Town with shops, restaurants and colorful facades. Built in 17th century, the city’s crowning glory is Neptune Fountain which serves as symbol of city. Additionally, the city hosts St. Dominic’s Fair, which dates back to 1260, and is one of the biggest trade and cultural fair in Europe. Its Old Town area includes various 17th century structures including mills, churches and granaries.

  1. Gdynia

Gdynia is voted as “freedom city” by Polish people. It is one of three Tri-cities and is another great port town perfect for maritime and water lovers. The city is also known for its access to education and has various prestigious universities such as Polish Naval Academy. Visitors can visit Dar Pomorza – sailing ship built in 1909. Additionally, you can visit National Marine Fisheries research Institute and Gdynia Aquarium. Furthermore, the city hosts Open’er Music Festival every summer which attracts artists from around the globe.

  1. Cracow

Also known as Krakow, Cracow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Located on Vistula River, it is second largest city which has been one of the leading centers of cultural, Polish academic and artistic life. It was once capital of Poland and is now considered as melting pot of the country. Renowned for its Jewish quarter and medieval core, the city is centered on Rynek Glowny – one of the largest markets for shopaholics in Europe. The three line pedestrian avenues and well-planned streets make it enjoyable to walk through the city. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site -Old Town, Cloth Hall and 14th century St. Mary’s Basilica.


  1. Malbork

Located in Northern Poland, Malbork has one thing that acts as magnet to millions of tourists – Malbork Castle. Built in 13th century as Order’s headquarters, this castle has stunning exterior and interior and is UNESCO World Heritage Site which was completed in 1409. It is Europe’s largest Gothic castle which was later known as Royal Prussia. The castle was expanded many times to host growing number of Knights. Visitors can also visit Skwer Esperanto which is located just past the ruins of city walls.

  1. Sopot

One of the Tri-City destinations, Sopot is small seaside resort town which has been getaway for royals and elite for various years. The city is also known for its Sopot International Song Festival, the largest singing event in Europe. With glitzy resorts and sparking beaches, it is major tourist resort destination and health spa. The beaches here are packed with volleyball lovers and sunbathers. Among other attractions is fountain of bromide spring water, known as “inhalation mushroom”.

  1. Szczecin

Located near German birder and Baltic Sea, Szczecin is largest and capital city of West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is major seaport and Poland’s seventh largest city with mix of several cultural and architectural influences. Visitors love to see National Museum and Bismarck Tower located in Landed Gentry House. The city’s plan resembles that of Paris and has various parks, green areas and avenues.

  1. Warsaw

Poland’s sprawling capital city, Warsaw has turbulent and long history which can be seen in distinct forms of architecture. Visitors will find Soviet-era blocks, Gothic churches, modern skyscrapers and neoclassical palaces. Once described as Paris of the East, it was believed to be most beautiful cities in Europe and world until WWII. The city has thriving vibrant nightlife and music scene. It is alpha global city, significant political, cultural and economic hub and international tourist destination. Additionally, historic city centre and its picturesque Old Town were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980.

  1. Wroclaw

Located on the bank of River Oder, Wroclaw is fourth-largest city in Poland and is historical capital of Lower Silesia and Silesia. Built in medieval period, it is thriving multicultural center that covers several islands and maintains stunning architecture and beautiful bridges. In 2015, the city was voted as “Best Cities to live” due to high living standard. Visitors can visit Salt Market Square, St Mary Magdalene Church and Centennial Hall.


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