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// 5 June 2017

10 Most Beautiful Beaches of the World to visit once

What makes up great beach all depends on traveler. If you ask true beach lovers to name favorite beaches, the answer changes like tides. Some prefer open and wide beaches with variety of things to do and people to watch, while others prefer deserted shorelines with calm waters. Our planet is covered in seas, lakes and oceans, which means there’s beach to get involved in any whim. From turquoise bays to pearly crescents covered in shells, all the beaches are not created equal. Here are beaches that find no parallel in other beaches of the world:

  1. The Big Island, Hawaii

Born as island of both ice and fire, where sea and land meets in one of Earth’s most epic battle, Big Island’s beaches stand out for connection with renowned Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Home to one of world’s most active volcanoes, two of greatest mountains of the world, 11 of world’s 13 climate zones and the wettest city in United States, the Big Island is greatest king and best place to visit in Hawaii. The unique black sand of Punalu’u beach is result of volcanic activity. The island boasts everything from snow-covered peaks to black-sand beaches, from lush rainforests to hardened lava deserts.

  1. Smuggler’s Cove, Greece

Known as Navagio Beach or Shipwreck Beach, Smuggler’s Cove is an exposed cove on coast of Zakynthos. It looks like landscape out of fairytale book and is perfect destination for those who wants to spend vacation on beach with thrilling history. The name Smuggler’s Cove is derived due to ship which belongs to smugglers and remain buried in sandy dunes. It is believed that the ship was carrying smuggled wine, cigarettes and women. Apart from this ship, this beach features clear blue waters, limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches.

  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

With sugar sand, palms, breeze, sea which is 26-29°C year round, Bora Bora is most beautiful tropical beach in the world. It is 29.3 square Kilometer island of French Polynesia and surrounded by barrier reef, lagoon and remnants of volcano. It is most celebrated island of South Pacific and leading lady of French Polynesia. It is one of the few places on earth that everyone wants to visit in their lifetime. It is major international tourist destination which is famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. Some of major activities that travelers can do here include cruising, snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, Jet Skiing, kite surfing, ray and shark feeding.

  1. Hidden Beach, Mexico

Also known as Playa del Amor, Hidden Beach is dazzling beach of Mexico which is invisible from outside and is accessible via long water tunnel from Pacific Ocean to the beach. The beach looks like part of some fantasy novel with its sandy cavern washed by tranquil blue waters of Pacific Ocean. The island on which this beach is located is part of archipelago created by sediments deposited by eruption of underwater volcano. It is believed that hole in the rock which led to formation of this beach was created by bombings during military testings by Mexican government. Only 6 feet of space on the beach is above water level, and travelers arrive here by swimming or kayaking.

  1. Glass Beach, California

Located in California, Glass Beach is famous for its sea glass deposits along the beach. It was originally used to dump waste like vehicle parts, glass materials, etc. However, the dumping was stopped in 1967, and clean-up operations were implemented to clean the beach of non-biodegradable materials like metal crap, etc. Nature created beauty out of crap. As the waves of the sea hit the shores, pottery and glass were broken down into round-pebble like particles.

  1. Beaches Of Goa, India

Goa is tourist hotspot visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all corners of the world. It has sunny and sandy beaches with greenery forming the backdrop. The region has all kinds of beaches that can satisfy needs of all tourists. Its beaches offer variety of water sports including kayaking, knee boarding, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, scuba diving, waterskiing, and more.

  1. Arpoador, Brazil

For all those who love city beaches, Arpoador is definitely a place to visit. It is highly popular as surf spot in the city. During midsummer, people come here to watch sun go down the horizon. Additionally, the beach is ideal for long walks in fresh sea breeze. The beach is brightly lit after sunset and is famous for its beach parties, nightlife and other fun activities.

  1. Boulders Beach, South Africa

Located near Cape Point, Boulders Beach is sheltered beach made of inlets between granite boulders. Part of Table Mountain National Park, the beach is popular for its African penguins. The beach is favorite destination for birdwatchers and wildlife lovers. Visitors are allowed to watch the penguins closely with the help of boardwalk.

  1. Baths, British Virgin Islands

Located on Virgin Gorda islands, Baths is beach area with unique landscape. The area has unique geological formations and is biggest tourist attraction in the region. The landforms here are result of weathering and past volcanic activity. It is riddled with archers, tidal pools, tunnels and scenic grottoes, thus providing thrilling beach experience.

  1. Playa Ancón, Cuba

With white sand, Playa Ancon is considered as finest arc of sand in Cuba which is set along Peninsula de Ancon. This 2.5 mile long beach has warm and turquoise waters and bright white sand, and is dream beach holiday destination in Cuba. The region has more than 30 dive sites ringed with wonderful coral reefs, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing.



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