Cheapest Places to Visit in South America

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// 28 April 2017

7 Travel Destinations in South America For Travelers on a Budget

Located in southern hemisphere, South America is fifth largest in population and fourth largest continent in size. The glacier laden mountains attract travelers from around the globe. With unique cultures, ancient ruins, greatest rivers in the world, beaches and jungles, visiting South America can be really rewarding experience. Bordered by Pacific Ocean on West, Caribbean Sea on northwest and Atlantic Ocean on north and east, South America has an area of 17,840, 000 square kilometers. Its cultural and ethnic showcases its origin with interaction of indigenous peoples with immigrants and European conquerors. This continent has various affordable and exotic destinations for fantastic vacations, which are given below:

  1. La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia’s centre for finance, industry and commerce and largest city, La Paz is dizzying in all aspects with its quirky beauty. It is world’s most extraordinary city due to its never-changing climate and extreme altitude. The city is friendly and scenic, and most travelers enter this unique city through flat sparse plains of El Alto. This affordable city in South America has cheap hostel beds and good bargain hotel rooms. Additionally, its main attractions are also cheap as compared to international standards. Visitors can spend US$24.20 per day as overall cost.

  1. Cartagena, Colombia

A fairytale city of romance with superbly preserved beauty, Cartagena has come up as trendy destination. Its old town is UNESCO World Heritage site, which has massive churches, cobbled alleys and balconies covered in bougainvillea. It is place for all sightseeing routines. It is best option in Caribbean for affordable hotels, drinks, entertainment and drinks. Hotels are quite cheap here. Visitors can expect to spend US$30.95 per day as total expenditure.

  1. Quito, Ecuador

Known for its spring-like weather and high altitude, Quito has amazing colonial architecture and is largest historic center. Starting point and hub for Galapagos Islands, it is preserved as UNESCO World heritage site due to its amazing public squares, old churches and top-notch museums. It is dramatically situated between mountain peaks providing amazing backdrop and is best place to visit in Ecuador. It is popular stop among backpackers who traveling around the continent; and reason is its affordability. Hotel rooms are available here for low price with reasonable quality. The main attractions here are either cheap or free to visit, and transportation is also affordable. Travelers have to spend US$20.90 per day as overall cost for meals, hotels, transportation and attractions.

  1. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is not only seat of government and capital of country but is also country’s most famous travel destination. It is home to best museums, attractions and art galleries. The various major attractions to visit here are Constitution Square, Templo Mayor, Metropolitan Cathedral and National palace. Accommodation in this city offer good value in affordable rates. Drinks and food can be very cheap if one chooses to eat at street stalls. The total expenditure including hotel room, meals, transportation, drinks and attraction is US$24.77 per day.

  1. San Jose, Costa Rica

Largest and capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose is seat of national government. This busy city is home to lovely squares and world-class museums. Sitting at southern end of peninsula, it is one of the fastest-growing cities and has emerged as heart of Silicon Valley. Additionally, it is one of the safest and least violent cities. Drinks and food are quite affordable here, especially if you go to places where locals eat. The total expenditure of accommodation, transportation, food and drinks can be US$32.29 per day.

  1. Cusco, Peru

Former capital city of Incas, Cusco is UNESCO World Heritage Site and oldest inhabited city in Americas. The ruins of old Inca city still stands here which became foundation for Spanish architecture. In 1650, 1950 and 1986, earthquakes hit the Cusco due to which colonial and other buildings were destroyed. Hotels in Cusco are quite cheap and there are various hotels to choose from. Drinks and foods in this city are also quite cheap. Visitors can expect to spend US$30.26 per day which covers transportation, accommodation and food.

  1. Santiago, Chile

Santiago is not only business and financial capital of Chile, but also serves as country’s entertainment and cultural center. It is home fine museums, art galleries along with excellent dining, shopping and hotel options. Get your cheap air tickets to this place where accommodation and food is quite affordable, visitors can expect to get all the facilities in US$34.69 per day.

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