Best Places to Visit in South America

// 27 April 2017

South American Expeditions to be on Travelers hit list

Inca ruins, Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforest, Patagonian glaciers, colonial towns, amazing nightlife and white-sand beaches, travelers can find themselves creating unlimited list of things to and places to visit in South America. It is this area which is home to some of most dynamic and largest cities in the world including Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Caracas. Additionally, it is home to unique cultures, ancient ruins, one of greatest rivers in world, beaches, wildlife and lush jungles. With mix of new and old cultures, South America is whole other experience. Due to vast size of the continent, the climate varies greatly between regions. Some of amazing places to visit in this continent are given below:

  1. Argentina

With outstanding natural wonders and favorite place among travelers, Argentina is diverse country, both culturally and naturally. With geography ranging from humid jungles to northern deserts and culture, its architecture and art attracts visitors from around the world.  Its most amazing landscapes are dramatic steppe of Patagonia and flatlands of Pampas. One of Argentina’s major attractions include leviathan metropolis of Buenos Aires. Other main cities which are worth visiting are Rosario, colonial Salta and Ushuaia. Tango is greatest contribution to the world by Argentina, which is steamy dance described as ‘making love in vertical position’.

  1. Bolivia

Superlative in its natural beauty, rough around the edges, vexing, rugged and complex, Bolivia is South America’s perplexing nation. Stretching from high-altitude deserts of Andes and majestic icebound peaks to rainforests and Amazon basin, this country has amazing landscape and climate. Landlocked at heart of South America, Bolivia offers adventurous travelers everything that they find most exotic. It is so new to scientific endeavor that unique species are found till date. It is dominated by Andes with snowcapped peaks and between Andes there is stretch of Altiplano. It is one of the continent’s least expensive and least visited countries.

  1. Brazil

Home to stretches of rainforest, islands with tropical beaches and endless rivers, Brazil is a tropical paradise. Surfing, hang gliding, sailing and fishing are famous activities with excellent opportunities for hiking and rock climbing. Rio de Janeiro offers various activities to do and explore beaches, gardens, parks, and amazing mountain views. It is twice the size of Europe and is largest state in South America, which occupies 47% of sub-continent. With coastline of 4600 miles on Atlantic, it has long land frontier with every state in South America except Ecuador and Chile.

  1. Ecuador

Perched on equator between Peru and Colombia, Ecuador is smallest nation but is packed with amazing scenery. With its astounding colonial architecture, stunning biodiversity, impressive history and bustling markets, this nation is known as microcosm of South America. From tropical forests and icy pinnacles to palm-fringed beaches, its capital Quito is jewel to the country. Its mainland is divided into three regions running in parallel chain. This country provides home to almost fifteen million people. Trekking and climbing are popular whereas tropical beaches offer relaxation. The Galapagos Islands is amazing place to visit in Ecuador with excellent wildlife viewing and abundance of marine life.

  1. Chile

Chile attracts visitors with its natural scenery including mountains, geysers, forests, beaches and volcanoes and various opportunities for adventure sports. Adventurers can enjoy river rafting, climbing, horseback riding and mountain biking. Without a doubt, it is one of the safest and most relaxing places to visit. Its diversity is reflected both in people and its cuisine. The country stretches from belly of South America to its feet, reaching from glacial fields to driest desert on earth.

  1. Colombia

Home to stunning scenery, rich history and continent’s most sophisticated people, Colombia is natural magnet to millions of people. With unspoiled Caribbean coast, soaring Andean summits, archaeological ruins, Amazon jungle and cobbled colonial communities, Colombia has all of South America’s allure. It is only country in South America which borders both Caribbean and Pacific, and offers wide variety of ecosystem. Visitors love exploring this thrilling paradise which has palm-fringed beaches and gorgeous colonial cities.

  1. Peru

From coastal desert to exotic jungle, Peru has much to offer. Whether visitor is interest in trekking on Inca Trail, swim with pink dolphins or paddle down Amazon in canoe, this country has it all. Its Andean culture is amazing and is one of the most exciting cultures of America. Its Ticlio Pass is considered as top scenic road route.


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