Places to Visit in Norway

// 21 April 2017

Must Visit Places in Norway Before you Die

A jewel of Northern Europe, Norway offers mix of natural wonder and culture. From snow covered mountains to cosmopolitan capital city of Oslo, there are numerous choices for travelers. With latitude that allows endless days during portion of summer, it is land of midnight sun. At other times of year, dark and clear skies reveal magical Aurora. The coastal inlets, glaciers and fjords create dramatic landscapes which provide otherworldly travel experience. Situated on Oslofjord, Oslo is port city surrounded by woodlands and islands. It’s popular and best place to visit in Oslo for outdoor fun and sports. In winter, its capital city offers great opportunities to participate in winter sports especially downhill skiing, ice fishing and skating. Below given are some amazing places to visit in Norway:

  1. Hurtigruten

Since its establishment in 1893, Hurtigruten ferry system continues to be major connection between country’s far corners. Also referred to as coastal steamers, modern ships of Hurtigruten carry passengers on regular services. One of fleet’s 11 ships departs daily from Bergen and sails to Kirkenes and back in 12 days at average speed of 15 knots. Additionally, it stops at various interesting ports on the way from where you can explore this amazing country.

  1. Geirangerfjord

Considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of spectacular Fjord Norway, Geirangerfjord offers finest scenery in Norway. To the eastward of Sunnylvsfjord, Geirangerfjord boasts country’s most amazing views. One of the amazing views is from summit of Dalsnibba, at 4,905 feet; the view of Geirangerfjord and surrounding mountains is breathtaking. Various tours and cruises are available, but if you are driving, take winding Eagles’ Road with great views and 11 hairpin bends.

  1. Atlantic Ocean Road

Atlantic Ocean Road is one of 18 National Tourist Roads in Norway, which is not only major connection for maze of tiny islands and lures diving enthusiasts and anglers. It is more than five miles long and has gained reputation as most amazing stretch of coastal highway in the world. In addition to spectacular views, visitors will get chance to visit wooden churches, little fishing villages and Trolls Church Cave.

  1. Scenic Rail Routes

There’s no better option to see beautiful countryside and amazing cities in Europe than by train. After being mountainous country, Norway’s rail lines stretch more than 2,000 miles with 775 tunnels and over 3,000 bridges. The best scenic route begins from Oslo, including Bergen Railway, which runs Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Other beautiful routes are Dovre Railway from Oslo to Trondheim, famous Flam Railway and with sideline Rauma Railway between Dombas and Andalsnes. This rail network offers various other interesting diversions such as gourmet train excursions, steam trains and pedal-powered rail tricycles.

  1. Lillehammer

Located above Lake Mjosa at south end of Gudbrandsdal valley, Lillehammer is best known year round destination. In summer, Malhaugen Park is open air museum which consists of 100 historic buildings, including 18th century workshops, farmhouses and stave church. Another major landmark here is Peer Gynt’s Cottage which dates back from early 1700s. This place has hosted 1994 Winter Olympics and has endless winter activities such as curling, skating, sleigh rides and more.

  1. Jotunheimen

Largest Alpine region on Norwegian high plateau, Jotuheimen covers area of 1,351 square miles and includes Scandinavia’s highest mountains. Additionally, it is home to various spectacular rivers, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers and wildlife. Two of this national park’s mountains rise to heights of 8,000 feet and highest being Galdhøpiggen. In spite its soaring height; it can be climbed in four hours. Another four hours climb is 4,429 feet which is Skagastølsbre and Skagastølsbotn glacier.

  1. Arctic Circle

Some part of northern Norway is located in Arctic Circle, which provides country with two popular tourist attractions. First one is Midnight Sun, which is impressive sight. In summers, these latitudes enjoy endless days when sun doesn’t set. And in winters, Aurora steals the show and Norway is best place to see northern lights. Caused due to electrically charged particles emitted by sun are caught in earth’s magnetic field and produce light effects in ionized upper atmosphere. At the heights between 40 and 620 miles, the sky comes attractive with glowing coronas, bluish arcs of light and shimmering curtains flaring over sky.


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