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// 20 April 2017

8 Places in Ottawa That Make Everyone Love It

With dynamic, bilingual, gregarious and appealing dating profile, Ottawa is a cosmopolitan city of one million inhabitants. Capital city of safest country to visit –Canada, Ottawa’s attractions include pleasant riverside setting, amazing national museums and cultural facilities. In past times, it was known as Bytown but later on the town changed its name to Ottawa. Gardens, parks and wide open public spaces pay a year-round homage to all four seasons. In 1865, the Parliament buildings were built high above Ottawa River and it was this place where first Canadian Parliament met Dominion of Canada. Below given are some interesting places to visit in Ottawa:

  1. Canadian Tulip Festival

Spring festival of Ottawa marks end of winter as the tulips bloom all over the city. These flowers were given by Queen Juliana of Netherlands in gratitude for hospitality during WWII. Commissioner’s Park and Canal Banks is scene of general festivities. Numerous tulips bloom in national region with tulip attraction sites spread in scenic “Tulip Route”. Additionally, there are performances and fireworks as well.

  1. Parliament Hill

Built with Victorian Gothic sandstone, Parliament Buildings are attracting seated on 50 meter high hill overlooking Ottawa River. At the backside of the building, there is Parliament Library which is wonderfully furnished octagon which was untouched in 1916 fire. Free guided tours are provided to explore sprawling historic Centre Block and public are also allowed to attend question period when there is government session. There are many sculptures, and in front of Parliament buildings there is attractive grassed area, which is patrolled in summer by Canadian Mounted Police.

  1. National Gallery of Canada

Designed by Moshe Safdie, National Gallery of Canada is ultra-modern and architectural masterpiece with prism-like glass towers. The tower’s glass echo lines of Parliament Buildings. The glass contrasts with medieval Château Laurier and attraction fits well into Ottawa’s cityscape. Inside the monument, galleries display art, showcases development of Canadian art from religious works and show exhibitions. National gallery is located near other lower town tourist attractions such as Canadian War Museum, Major’s Hill Park and Notre-Dame where visitors can head for more sightseeing.

  1. Rideau Canal

The 200 kilometer long and 1.6 meter deep Rideau Canal connects Ottawa with Kingston on Lake Ontario. It was considered as strategic route between Lake Ontario and Montreal. In summer, this canal is an active waterway and is best place to visit in Canada in month of June, whereas in winters, this frozen canal becomes recreational area for festivals and skating. Château Laurier is grand building on canal banks. Built in 1912, it has air of medieval castle and is major example of big Canadian railroad companies.

  1. Lower Town

Lower Town is city’s marketplace which lies to the north of Rideau Canal. Since 1846, area’s Byward Market has enjoyed colorful existence. In summer, there are flower, fruit and vegetable stalls in streets. In fact, entire market area is restored with smart boutiques and restaurants. Nearby the market, there is National Gallery of Canada which is amazing piece of architecture and has fine collection of works by international artists. Other major attraction near this market is Notre Dame, which is beautiful Catholic Church. This church has figures of four evangelists, carvings by Ph. Parizeau and apostles by Louis-Philippe Hebert.

  1. Canadian War Museum

Located beside Ottawa River, Canadian War Museum is modern museum which explores Canada’s military past through artifacts and exhibitions display. This museum covers wars fought in Canada and some other wars as well in which Canadian Forces took part like war between Iroquois and French people in 16th century, and Canadian contribution in WWI and WWII.

  1. Dows Lake Pavilion

With beautiful location, Dows Lake Pavilion juts out and overlooks the lake. There are various restaurants and outdoor patio which is popular in summer. In winter, travelers can rent sleds and skates. The pavilion looks out over docks where it is possible to rent canoes, paddleboats, kayaks or bikes.

  1. Canadian Museum of Nature

Canadian Museum of Nature showcases world of dinosaurs to today’s animal population. It also features few temporary exhibits. It is history and national natural sciences museum, and historic building is birthplace of Canada’s national museum. Construction on it was completed in 1910, and it is best place to visit in Canada to explore history.

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