Places to Visit in Canada

// 20 April 2017

Simple Guidance for places to visit in Canada

Second largest country in the world, Canada is packed with unique sites and beautiful landscapes for travelers to explore. With craggy coast, hulking mountains, extraordinary meals, cool culture, the country is home to culturally rich and vibrant cities. The home to ice hockey, maple syrup, Niagara Falls, it has endless variety of landscapes including sky-high mountains, glaciers, rainforests and beaches, spread across six times zones. Trip to Vancouver or any other city can be amazing as its cities are rich with cultural and historical treasures, along with incredible natural wonders. With some surprises for first time visitors, below given are places to visit in this country:

  1. Banff National Park

Located in the heart of majestic Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park showcases Canada’s most beautiful scenery. Snow-capped peaks, green lakes and glaciers can be accessed easily in this stunning park. Lake Louise is jewel of park, where green water reflects surrounding mountains and visitors can walk around the shores. Icefields Parkway, which runs from Lake Louise to Jasper, is an unforgettable drive. At south of park, there is lovely town of Banff which provides all kinds of shopping, accommodation and dining options. In winter, Banff is major winter sports hub and Sunshine village and Lake Louise Ski Resort are two most major ski destinations.

  1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is Canada’s most famous natural attraction which attracts millions of visitors annually. Falling approximately 57 meters, visitors can see falls at close distance from the edge. It has two waterfalls on Niagara River, which are marked as border between New York and Ontario. The American Falls is located on American side of the border and Horseshoe Falls is located on Canadian side. Niagara Gorge and Niagara Falls have been attracting daredevils and tourists over a century. The water of these falls comes from Great Lakes, and 90% of this water goes over Horseshoe Falls.

  1. CN Tower

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, CN Tower is iconic and most famous landmark. This tower is tallest structure in the world with 553 meters height. The tower offers fine dining in its 360 degree revolving restaurant where visitors can enjoy a meal while looking over lake and city. There is also Glass Floor and LookOut which offers beautiful views out over the city. At night, this tower is lit in different colors. Those who don’t want to go up the tower will find this tower alluring from outside as well.

  1. Whistler

Whistler is famous ski resort and village which was location for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. With snow-capped peaks, sparkling lakes, powdered steeps and challenging hiking trails, Whistler is important winter as well as summer sports area. Best destination for single men and groups, the area offers world class hotels, dining and skiing, as well as other types of recreational opportunities and amazing mountain scenery. In summers, visitors can enjoy mountain biking, golf and spend time in lively town atmosphere.

  1. Old Quebec

Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Quebec is spread across Upper and Lower Town of Quebec and contains most historic buildings. Along with St. Lawrence River, Lower Town is home to outstanding Chateau Frontenac and other treasures. Resting on 100 meter-high cliffs, Upper Town is home to Plains of Abraham, Citadel, Parque Historique de l’Artillerie and Place d’Armes. This area is well developed for tourism and most popular historical area. In addition to historical sites, travelers will find artists showcasing their works on museum – Rue du Trésor and all kinds of restaurants and shops.

  1. Signal Hill National Historic Site

Located at entrance of St. John’s harbor, Signal Hill National Historic site overlooks the city and sea. It is this place where first wireless transatlantic signal was received. This site also played major role in Seven Years war with France. One of the major sites of Signal Hill is Cabot Tower. Built in 1897, this tower mark 400th anniversary of discovery of Newfoundland. In the tower, there are exhibitions on the history of Signal Hill. From top of hill, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of coast and city.

  1. Ottawa’s Parliament Hill

Standing high above Ottawa River, Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is graced by Neo-Gothic style Parliament buildings built in 19th century. The most major attraction here is Peace Tower which divides Senate and House of Commons. In front of Parliament building is Centennial Flame which is lit to commemorate centenary of Canadian Confederation. Additionally, it is most scenic place to visit in Ottawa.


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