Best Places to Visit in Virginia Beach

// 18 April 2017

Fantastic Places to Visit in Virginia Beach

Renowned for its outstanding beaches, Virginia Beach is one of popular places and is haven for families and sun seekers who want to swim and enjoy the sunshine. Apart from beach, in winter months, there are still plenty things to do and see. Whether it is display of Virginia Aquarium or waters of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, nature abounds here. Visitors who are looking for some excited activities can head out on water for kayaking or zip-lining thrill. The one who is interested in history can visit First Landing State Park or Military Aviation Museum. Additionally, if you are lucky enough, you can get plenty of beach space and types of water-based activities. Below given are some interesting points to visit here:

  1. Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

Located along shores of Owls Creek, it’s hard to beat this aquarium which is positioned beautifully in scenic outdoor area with decks overlooking water. This aquarium is home to marine life including sea turtles, sharks, seals, rays, otters and other sea life. It also holds few unexpected sights including tomistoma and Komodo Dragons. Divided between two buildings, the large complex is laid out with displays which showcase what Virginia have looked like thousands of years ago. It is also good place to get acquainted with marine life which inhabits streams, lakes and coastal areas. Some of the key highlights here are glass and one can walk through Red Sea Tunnel which is unique dinosaur exhibit. Additionally, this aquarium also has 3D Movie Theater.

  1. Virginia Beach Boardwalk

During summer, Virginia Beach is best escapade for many vacationers. There’s most famous stretch of the beach known as Resort Beach, which stretches north of pier along the coast. This beautiful section of golden and soft sand is where most of beach action lies and is packed with beach lovers during the summer months. The wide paved boardwalk runs along top of beach for three miles which is perfect for running, walking, skateboarding, biking, hanging out and enjoying with friends. The atmosphere here is casual with many people wandering around.

  1. Sandbridge Beach

To the south of Resort Beach, there is Sandbridge Beach which is peaceful and relaxed. This is perfect place for people who want to bask in energetic vibe, go for a walk and spend quality time on beach. With soft sand and beautiful houses that line the beach, the beach here is wide and has five miles of golden sands along Atlantic Ocean.

  1. First Landing State Park

With combination of nature and history, First Landing State Park is where English colonists first reached the shores of America. Nowadays, this park is recreational haven for visitors and locals. This park is divided by Shore Drive, which separates beach side of park from forest side. The wide beach stretches here for 1.5 miles along Chesapeake Bay. On inland portion of Shore Drive are camping cabins and numerous trails that run through cypress trees, pine trees, sand dunes and waterfront of Broad Bay. Paddleboard, Jet Ski, Kayak and boat rentals are available in this park.

  1. The Adventure Park

To get adrenaline rush, Adventure Park is perfect outing. Set on grounds of Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, Adventure Park is large forested area with platforms and ropes dangling from trees. Challenging aerial walks and swinging stairs challenge participants to securely rope in this zip-lining obstacle. Participants are shown how to use it and are then set free to explore it of their own.

  1. Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

With more than 9,000 acres of beach, dunes, freshwater marshes and forested areas, Back Bay Wildlife Refuge protects important habitat for migratory birds. It is pleasant retreat for people who want to wander and paddleboard in still waters. Walking paths provide access to great wildlife and few spotting scopes. There are various kinds of birds, bobcats, deer, otters, muskrats and critters can be seen here.

  1. Military Aviation Museum

As the name implies, this museum is dedicated to military aircraft with places from around the world. This museum has 60 aircrafts on display which are from WWI and WWII. The main goal of this museum is not only to display these aircrafts but to restore them as well.


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