Cheapest Places on Earth

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// 31 March 2017

Cheapest Places to Visit on this Planet

We all know that some parts of the world are cheap to visit while others are expensive. Even if you have managed to get cheap flights for your vacations, no one wants to sell organ just to finance sundowners. So, we have picked up low-cost holiday destinations which offer great value:

  1. Thailand

There are various reasons why Thailand is so popular among backpackers – it has idyllic islands, beach-huts aplenty, rich culture, adventures galore, tantalizing cuisine and much more. Also known as Land of Smiles, Thailand is jewel of Southeast Asia. With its glittering and gleaming temples, this Buddhist nation radiates golden hue. Famous around the world, Thai cuisine express fundamental aspects of Thai culture. Every Thai dish relies on local and fresh ingredients – plump seafood, searing chilies and pungent lemongrass. It has world-class beaches and mountain villages as well which will not disappoint you.

  1. South Africa

Officially known as Republic of South Africa, South Africa offers introduction to various jewels of Dark Continent. Lush and jagged mountains, star-studded skies and powdery beaches lapped by two oceans, South Africa is country with astounding diversity. Travelers can expect to see classic African scenery: great gaping gorges, golden savannah and beautiful deserts. South Africa is home to wildlife, and wildlife lovers come here in search of lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhino and much more. Other attractions in South Africa are shark dives, coral reefs, white-water rafting and golden beaches with surf breaks.

  1. Vietnam

Despite its popularity in last few years, Vietnam has unspoiled and untouched beauty, and is still cheap destination. This beautiful country’s greatest attraction is sweeping white sands, lush mountains, blissful beaches and sublime countryside. Around Hoan Kiem Lake – Hanoi’s Old Quarter, is the best place to soak up city’s post-colonial charm. It is rare oasis in this chaotic city where locals head every morning to practice tai chi. The country is blessed with astonishingly breathtaking natural beauty with unique heritage.

  1. Greece

Due to its fascinating history and natural beauty, Greece remains main travel destination. Sandy dazzling beaches, ancient archaeological sites, countless islands and Mediterranean climate, Greece is Europe’s main tourist destination. Greece cannot fail to inspire travelers with cultural bone in their body. Romans, Minoans, Arabs, Venetians, Latin Crusaders, Turks, Albanians and Slavs have left their mark here. Greece is renowned for its islands Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Crete, which attracts millions of visitors from around the world. In case, you are lost in this beautiful country then there are various travel apps that can help you.

  1. Bolivia

Rugged, land-lock and remote, Bolivia is known as Tibet of Americans. Stretching from high altitude deserts to rainforests of Amazon basin, Bolivia has an amazing range of landscapes and climates. It rewards the travelers with cultural diversity and fascinating history. This country is so new to scientific endeavor that unique species are being found till date. Despite numerous attractions, Bolivia is South America’s least-visited country.

  1. Mexico

Home of tequila, Aztecs, tacos and sombreros, everyone on this planet knows something about Mexico. Steamy jungles, chili-spiced cuisine, palm-fringed beaches, fireworks and teeming cities, Mexico’s pre-Hispanic civilizations build world’s great archaeological monuments. Considered as world’s great civilization, Mexico offers tantalizing blend of Spanish traditions, Mesoamerican cultures and contemporary arts. Its flora is varied and rich, and many Europe’s familiar plant crops and food, such as tomatoes, maize and tobacco hail from this part. Its fauna is varied and equally rich.

  1. Bulgaria

With several dramatic mountain ranges, numerous historic towns and superb beaches, Bulgaria has wealth of attractions, beguiling blend of history and nature. Long, sandy beaches and fine weather in Bulgaria’s Black Sea assures unforgettable adventure. It is a multilayered and mysterious country with ski fields which are as amazing as beaches. In addition to its mesmerizing and appealing coastline, there are lots of old towns including Varna on the coast and Plovdiv, and range of dramatic mountain ranges which are perfect to explore on foot or by bike.

  1. Portugal

Portugal should be on your bucket list if you want to avoid crowded resorts and cities of Spain. It is small country where visitors will find diverse range of options. With superlative natural beauty, vexing, rugged, nerve-racking and complex, Portugal is most perplexing and diverse nation. It is Europe’s oldest extant nation and ancient kingdom defended by hilltop castles. Cobblestone villages, medieval castles, captivating cities and golden beaches, Portugal has rolling hills and deep valleys dotted with stone-built villages. Due to its wealth of natural beauty, it is considered as best place to travel in Europe.

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