The Sundance Film Festival 2017

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// 6 January 2017

All about Sundance Film Festival 2017

Organized in Park City, Utah, Sundance Film Festival is an American film festival, which takes place annually in January. A program of Sundance Institute, it is the largest film festival in United States. This festival is a showcase for new work from international and American independent filmmakers. It comprises of various sections for international and American dramatic and documentary films. If you want to attend this festival then, here’s a full detail of this festival:

When and where?

The 2017 Sundance Film festival will start from January 19 to January 29, 2017. The location of this festival is Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden and Sundance, Utah.


Tickets are available online and there are three ways to see films: ticket packages, individual tickets and passes. Select the one which suits you best and also there are special offers for Utah locals, youth, students and Sundance Institute members.


This late January film feast was once known as Utah/U.S. Film Festival and was September event. Founded in 1978 by Cirina Hampton Catania, Sterling Van Wagenen and John Earle, the goal of the festival was to showcase American-made films only and to increase visibility of filmmaking. In 1981, it was suggested by director Sidney Pollack to Robert Redford that crowd would be more if this festival was during mid-ski season.


In 2012, for the first time, Sundance has traveled outside the US and was held in London from April 26-29 2012. In 2016, Sundance was scheduled in Hong Kong from September 22 to October 2nd.

More details

This U.S. film industry’s annual winter mecca festival is of about 10 days and is really two festivals. The first weekend is all about industry parties, glamour, world premiers and celebrity events. Wine flows widely in this weekend. Then the second weekend is when you can watch the films. And, on last Sunday, visitors can get last-minute tickets to award-winners of the festival announced on Saturday night. This festival specializes in documentaries and has more than 100 films being screened.

More than Movies

If you love snowboarding and skiing, then near Park City, there are three resorts – Park City Mountain Resort, Canyons Resort and Deer Valley, provides this adventure.

How to reach here?

On the first note, now is the best time to purchase your air tickets to avoid last minute rush. Get your seats booked with Hawaiian airlines and head to attend this glamorous festival.

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