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// 22 November 2016

Five Hidden and Affordable Travel Destinations in Greece for Travelers

With its jaw-dropping beaches, whitewashed villages, finger-licking cuisine, and friendly atmosphere, Greece is counted among Europe’s top travel destinations. Its mountainous mainland urges you to dust off hiking boot to explore this place. Furthermore, its coastline has mesmerizing beaches and one can easily get here by any airline including British Airways flight reservations, etc.

Greece has stunning landscapes, hundreds of islands to explore with its own historic sites and cultural delights. If you think that you don’t have cash to spend vacations in Greece, then you will happy to know that there’s no need of thick wallet for Greece. Take a look at compiled list of amazing and affordable places to visit in Greece:

  1. Santorini


This place is stunning which draws attraction of millions of honeymooners and visitors who want to witness popular sunsets on Earth. With its mind boggling views of the caldera and cliff side accommodations, it is built high up on cliffs.


You can take a public bus to go from one place to another, and will cost $1.76 – 2.42 USD. Hotels in Santorini will cost $33 USD per night and average cost of food is $3-$5 USD.

  1. Thessaloniki


It is a second largest city of Greece with incredible history dating back more than four millennia. The one with cultural bone in their body will definitely get inspired with its nightlife, lively festivals and social events. It has many sights which are worth visiting including Byzantine walls, White Tower and Turkish baths.


Taking public bus will cost 80 cents for one way ticket. The food will cost from $3-$7 USD. Additionally, there are various hotels to stay which will cost $17 USD per night.

  1. Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion

Situated at the southeast of Athens, this place is known as the best site of ruins of a Greek temple. Cape Sounion, situated at southernmost tip of Attica peninsula, is surrounded on three sides by sea. Additionally, it is the greatest spot to witness sunset over the Aegean Sea.


This place is considered most expensive area of Greece, but budget is nothing in front of its astonishing beauty. Still, you will find affordable hotels in this area. The expenses in this city goes like this; $1 USD for bus ride, $2-$143 USD for food and $43 (and above) per night in hotel.

  1. Crete


Considered as largest island in Greece and 88th largest island in world, this place is known for its varied terrain from White Mountains to fine-sand beaches. It is a spacious land which still has archaeological traces of various civilizations.


The food will cost you $10(with drink) and above; public bus fare, depending on the place, cost you from $1 to $12 USD. The price of hotel can cost you $27USD and above.

  1. Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands

Cool and deep sea water, cultural heritage and lush vegetation make Ionian Islands the ideal place for holidays. This cluster of islands, twelve small and large islands, is scattered along western coastline of Central Greece.


The food price will start from $4 US Dollar and above; hotels will charge $28 USD.

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