9 Important Airlines Glossary To Remember

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// 18 November 2016

9 Simple Yet Important Airlines Glossary To Remember

Once in a while, you all might have felt uncomfortable on hearing some sort of code or words when sitting at airport. Right from the beginning i.e., online ticket booking for flight, you will get to hear many new words and a flurry of information. Most of it comes over a microphone that creates confusing euphemisms. There are lots of people who have traveled dozens of times in airplane and still have vague knowledge of these terms.

But if you learn a few terms beforehand, you will able to understand the words easily. Fret not, here we have compiled the list of words used in the airline industry:

  1. Flight Status and schedule

Flight schedule means certain time and date planned for flight departure, whereas flight status will notify whether or not flight is on time. When travelling, you can check the status of flight online or at departures board. Say, you have flight code BA2490, here “2490” is the flight number whereas BA means British Airways.

  1. Boarding Pass

It is the pass of ticket that passenger has to give to the crew as soon as he board onto the plane. On the boarding pass, you will find information where the plane will be boarding and also your seat number is written on it.

  1. Travel class

Mainly there are three types of travel class in airlines namely, First Class, Business Class and Economy class.

  • Economy class: It is the low travel class of seating and is cheapest one. The seats in this class are reclined with fold-down table and legroom ranges from 29 to 36 inches.
  • Business Class: It is an intermediate level of service between first class and economy class. The tickets are expensive for this class and have quality of food, seating and other facilities. Seats in this class can be converted into flat bed and have legroom of 33 to 79.5 inches.
  • First Class: It is the most expensive area of the plane with lot of space to move. This class is more luxurious than other classes with better service.

Please note that the exact name for business class may vary between airlines such as with Jet Airways’ Business class is named as “Premiere”.

  1. Flight Check-in

When a passenger checks-in, he notifies the airline that he have arrived at the airport. The airport staff will take luggage and provide a boarding pass. The area where all this is done is also known as check-in. You can check-in online as well, there are many airlines including, United Airlines, American Airlines, which provides an online check-in service.

  1. Airline Kiosks

Apart from mobile check-in and online check in, you can check in through airline kiosks. Airline kiosks are simple to use self-service devices which make it possible for passengers to check in before departure. Kiosks transact in various languages, including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish French and Portuguese.

  1. Baggage Information

Baggage is an umbrella term with various terms, including carry on, excess baggage, checked baggage.

  • Carry-on baggage: Carry-on baggage, also known as cabin baggage or hand luggage, is luggage that is allowed to carry along in passenger compartment instead of moving it in the cargo compartment. You are allowed to carry a limited number of bags only.
  • Checked Baggage: Checked baggage are items of luggage delivered to an airline for transportation and are inaccessible to passengers during flight. There are some restrictions on the size and weight of this baggage.
  • Excess Baggage: The excess of free allowance in number, size or weight is considered as Excess baggage. There can be some extra charge on this baggage.

With most the airlines, such as Brussels Airlines, Air China and more, the free check-in baggage allowance is up to 20 kg.

  1. Inflight Services

IFE (In-flight entertainment) means entertainment available for passengers in an airplane. The airlines provide magazine, TV shows, music, play games and more, as part of IFE. Some airlines such as Emirates Airlines, Air China, Turkish Airlines, etc. provide free inflight WiFi to passengers.

  1. Unaccompanied minors

An unaccompanied minor is child travelling without the presence of his/her parents or legal guardian. Almost all of the airlines do provide Unaccompanied minor service in which minor aged between 5 and 14 years old is accompanied by airline personnel who will escort the child. Parents who want to take this service for their child have to perform few formalities.

  1. Route Map

Route map describes the path the airline follows. From route map, you can also get to know in which areas or cities the airline flies.

To summarize, there are a plethora of words used in the airline industry, but above given are frequently used. To know the detail of each word for various airlines, do visit Voyages Booth or you can call a travel agent on +1 (888) 564-5222 for your airline ticket booking at the lowest airfares.

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