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// 20 March 2016

Be Seduced By the Beauty of Corsica, France – Plan Your Trip with the Help of Our Travel Specialists

Jammed with mesmerizing scenery, beautiful beaches, breathtaking valleys, dense forests and enigmatic hilltop villages, Corsica resembles a miniature continent, with astounding geographical diversity. Thus, holidays in Corsica are incredibly varied from hiking and canyoning, enjoying a leisurely cruise, delving into the island’s rich history and sampling local specialties.

What’s more! Experience island hiking, snorkeling, diving, boating, and windsurfing in the warm waters of Corsica. The place blends French specializations with Italian cuisine to tempt the palate with rich flavors. Don’t miss the curvy mountains skirted by the turquoise waters.

For the adventure seekers, zip-wires and tree-climbing routes offer plenty of fun for visitors; go hiking to the world’s most beautiful hiking trails, Mount Cinto, the roof of Corsica. For braver cyclists, the biking trails in the Niolu, while those keen on more gentle riding can follow coastal routes or pedal in relaxed fashion.

Visit this place in July to enjoy the perfect electronic summer party ‘Calvi on the Rocks’ when Corsica incredible coastline becomes a natural dance floor.

A little corner of paradise is often waiting to be discovered, only by those who are determined, in the most unexpected of places, far removed from the world.

Why wait for exploring this paradise? Let Voyages Booth; your only trusted travel specialist do the booking and making it a perfect holiday for you!

Adventure Travel