Explore The Stunning Treasurer Beauty

// 20 March 2016

Explore The Stunning Treasurer Beauty Edinburgh!

Edinburgh, a city that begs to be explored, offers so much to people from every walk of life. Every corner turned reveals sudden views and unexpected landscapes – green sunlit hills, a glimpse of rust-red crags, and a blue flash of distant sea.

What’s more to Edinburgh than sightseeing? Well, there are top shops, world-class restaurants and jag of bars to enjoy. It’s a city of pub crawls and spontaneous music sessions, mad-for-it clubbing and all-night parties, overindulgence and wandering home through cobbled streets at dawn.

Visit this city in August, when the Edinburgh International Festival transforms one of the world’s most beautiful cities, presenting three exhilarating weeks of the finest creators and performers from the worlds of the arts. Edinburgh’s six major theatres and concert halls, a few smaller venues and often some unconventional ones too, come alive with the best music, theatre, opera and dance from around the globe.

It offers a year-round, sophisticated entertainment in hundreds of small performance venues. Edinburgh castle, King Arthur’s seat and a labyrinth of tunnels and dungeons provide similar excitement for history buffs whilst those simply looking for a place to shop in fine style will not be disappointed either.

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