Enjoy the Exclusive Treasures of Colombia

// 18 March 2016

Timeless Colonial Cities, Thrilling Adventures and Rip-Roaring Festivals

Come discover what makes Colombia so unique and what types of experiences await for everyone. South America’s second most populated country with beautiful beaches, wild dancing, scrumptious food, and great nightlife. What else can you ask for? Plan your trip to Colombia now – a verdant wonderland!

With rich history, magnificent scenery and most friendly and welcoming people, Colombia is a natural draw for travellers to South America. Moreover, this is the only country in South America to border both the Pacific and the Caribbean. Twice the size of France and with a diversity of landscapes and cultures in comparison to other countries Colombia is considered to be one of the top travel destinations in the world.

Wander in the streets of Bogotá, explore old Spanish colonial provincial retreats like Villa de Leyva, walk the walls of Cartagena’s beautiful old city, relax at the gorgeous tropical beaches along Caribbean and Pacific coasts, visit Hot Cali known as the world capital of salsa to experience the amazing nightlife, and for dining whether you go in for delicious traditional Colombian food or the modern culinary cuisine; you won’t be spending much as the prices are very cheap.

Come and enjoy the exclusive treasures of Colombia yourself. To historic city centres and towns, modern and active party cities, the Guajira peninsula and its desert, tropical beaches, jungle of the Amazon and the Choco with abundant flora and fauna, snowy peaks and volcanoes, the Magdalena River valley, underwater marine with tropical islands is what you will find when you visit Colombia.

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