The Biggest Boating Event in Venice

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// 8 March 2016

The Biggest Boating Event on Venice’s Calendar

When you think of Venice, Italy, you probably imagine the Grand Canal filled with gondolas, a singing gondolier rowing you. When you attend the Regata Storica – the biggest boating event, you will experience the same with a little difference of 16th century style gondolas helmed by costumed rowers.

The most important event on the Venice’s calendar, Regata Storica also known as The Historical Regata takes place on the first Sunday of September – this year it is falling on the 4 September. It consists of four different races, with various types of boats. The race starts with the procession of bissone, who still signal the beginning of the regatta today!

Besides attending the festival you can even go around Venice; it’s worth spending a week here, rather than just coming for a few days. Located in the northeast of Italy, Venice is a romantic and charming city of turquoise canals, magnificent beaches, ancient palaces and much more.

In the evenings, you can give a visit to Venice’s many theatres to see a play, opera, ballet or musical performance in truly splendid surroundings. There are enormous restaurants where you can taste local specialities and enjoy a perfect dinner with your partner as well as popular bars and pubs. You will find affordable food joints alongside the high end ones, so pick wisely that suits your budget.

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