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// 28 February 2016

Explore the Celebration of Crafts & Design – The London Design Festival

Next will be held from 17-25 September, 2016! The festival extends to various locations and, includes hundreds of exhibitors to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world. Designs in the past were related to the history of Turkish ceramics, fabric designs inspired by Bollywood movies, and contemporary furniture made in several African countries. Additionally, some designs were a thought provoking exploration of furniture that was made while keeping in mind the sustainability of British hardwoods.

The London Design Festival was initiated by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans. Their main aim was to create an annual event that would promote London’s creativity; leading a gateway to the international community.

A participative festival in all kinds of ways; whether it be the various neighbourhood designs that feature their local artisans or the number of events and programs, more than 300 staged by different partner organizations. Moreover, the fact that most of the festival programs are free or not much expensive makes this an experience available to the people. If you love design, you will definitely enjoy the diverse collection of visitors who come from all over the world; a high design flavour for the visitors. Enjoy work from the best creative design talents with a range of exciting events and exhibitions throughout the capital.

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Events & Festivals