Ride a Five-Story Slide in a Mall

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// 22 February 2016

Riding a Five-Story Slide in a Mall Can Be Terrifying As Well As Fun. Read On To Find Out More!

Tired after hours of shopping, and hoping if you could skip going on all floors through the elevator or an escalator and go straight to the ground floor? Well, the Printemps shopping mall in Shanghai, China has found a solution for you!

The mall has installed a five-story metal slide that connects fifth floor to the ground floor, which brings you down in just few seconds. The 60-foot stainless steel slide was designed to resemble a dragon and only takes 16 seconds for the rider to shoot down. The ride is free and anybody can try it out as long as you are above the age of three. The gigantic slide is built in the centre of the mall easily capturing the shoppers’ attention.

The Printemps mall in Shanghai’s Pudong district has all the amenities necessary to succeed in Chinese retail including luxury brands, retailing history and an exclusive location. Despite all this, the management of the mall thought that there was still something missing to allure the customers. So, they decided to build this gigantic, twisting, dragon shaped, five-story slide.

Some people are enthusiastic about taking the 16-second ride, while others are concerned about the safety while riding the slide five stories down. The management of the mall told the local news outlets that the 20-meter-high slide had been tested and is safe. Additionally, only one person would be allowed at a time.

In 2010, Singapore’s Changi Airport had installed the country’s tallest four-story slide. Till date, the slide is still a major tourist attraction.

Thrill seekers slide on! If you are traveling to Shanghai, do experience the ride once. For any assistance regarding a new flight booking contact Voyages Booth.

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