Biggest Food Throwing Party in the World

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// 19 February 2016

La Tomatina, 2016 – The Biggest Food Throwing Party in the World!

Never heard of, or been to, La Tomatina festival? You are definitely missing out the fun! Throwing thousands of tomatoes at each other does sound a little odd; but in reality there is no festival as exciting as this one. So what is this festival all about and how do people celebrate this? Read on to find out.

There is no escape from squishy lycopene rich goodness during the La Tomatina. But rest assured, after the red madness you will have a memory that is not likely to fade. Biggest food throwing party in the world is taking place this year in Buñol, near to Valencia. One of the craziest festivals in Spain, worth experiencing! The festival takes place on every last Wednesday of August each year. The 2016 festival will take place on the 31st of August in the Plaza del Pueblo. From the trucks comes tomato after tomato in ruthless fury. It lasts for an hour, and thereafter a signal ends the event. At this point the streets run red with tomato juice. Fire trucks serve their dual purpose and are put to use to clean up the pulpy mess.

During the week before the food fight you can attend the Paella Cook Off which sees chefs battle it out to produce the tastiest version of this traditional Spanish dishes.

Since a couple of years, limits have been placed on the numbers allowed at the event. With the number of attendees increasing year after year there is now a need to purchase a ticket. It will cost a minimum of around 10 Euro to participate in the festivities. Additional costs are involved for further participation like climbing aboard the fire trucks for instance.

Ready for the battle? Engage in the biggest food fight on the world stage of Spain. Book your airline tickets before the festival dates with Voyages Booth.

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