Bestival, a 4 Day Boutique Music Festival

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// 17 February 2016

Bestival, an Award Winning 4 Day Boutique Music Festival Set at Robin Hill

Bestival is one of the most comprehensive music festivals with big crowds, and different activities happening at once on the Island of Wight. A fancy dress parade is held each year mostly on Saturday, and in 2010 revellers achieved a name in the Guinness Book of World Records by having the most people in costume at one time. When you come to the Robin Hill Country Park where the festival is taking place this year (8 – 11 September), you will get to hear a mix of EDM, indie, soul, funk and pop. Moreover, the entire event is popular for detailed stage designs, festival grounds and individual events. Rob da Bank, a BBC 1 radio DJ who runs the festival in collaboration with his wife Josie, a graphic designer. The distinct tastes of both da Banks influence the experience of festival goers, by making it an enjoyable and memorable one.

Costumes play a major role in this festival as Catholic priests wear purple during the Lenten and Advent season to reflect a period of anticipation; rituals of purity are reflected by wearing white, and silly outfits are to reflect the sense of fun. There are even special tents being set up for offering workshops on costume making. Furthermore, Bestival takes advantage of the larger audience to spread important messages on key issues of the day.

Other thoughtful activities include the Boutique Campground, which offers a wood-fired spa and sauna known as bathing under the sky. Then you have the Come Dancing Spiegeltent, a mirrored big top tent that offers dance lessons. You can even take a break from enjoying live performances and learn the Charleston, the Lindy Hop, swing dancing, and more.

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Events & Festivals